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Have you ever seen a massive dry-aging cooler in person? Well, now you can at Light Hill Meats in Spring Hill, Tennessee. This process of meat tenderization is a long-forgotten practice of chain store meat departments. We take the time to create a dining experience unlike anything you've had before. Better yet...most of our products embody the "farm-to-table" experience. A wide selection in our store comes directly from nearby farms and is processed at our facility in Lynnville, including from the owner's farm in Giles County.   

Have a steak in mind that you'd like? We can cut it fresh from our coolers. We also offer beef, pork, chicken, seafood, and other farm products like cheeses and ice cream. Up your game even more with our huge selection of smoked goods like brats, briskets, and snack sticks. More products added every day!

Featured Items

           BONELESS RIBEYE STEAK                                  BONELESS BOSTON BUTT                                 FRESH GROUND BEEF 

      LOCAL DRY-AGED TRI-TIP ROAST                             LOCAL LAMB RIBS                          ALL-NATURAL SAUSAGES/BRATS


          WIXTER FROZEN SEAFOOD                               SPICES, SAUCES, RUBS                                      LOBSTER TAILS

Taste the Difference of Local Meat

Beef Raised Down the Road

Our Local Reserve label beef is raised by the owner, Ben Neale, down the road in Giles County, Tennessee. The animals spend the majority of their life grazing lush green pastures and are finished on grain to create delicious marbling and tenderness. When they are to size, they are brought to our processing facility in Lynnville...and then to the store in Spring Hill. It is the true farm-to-table experience.

"We strive to make every bite of steak a memorable experience. It starts on the farm, under a watchful eye, and ends with meticulously perfecting the cuts."

Need Meat? Just Ask!

We are a full-service butcher shop which means that we carry the popular meat cuts as well as special orders. We are able to source most any requested protein from around the world and down the road. This includes everything from our local meat label to exotic animals...both land and sea. Some orders may require a longer wait time. 

We distinguish our meats in two ways: Local Reserve and USDA. If the product comes from a local farm, it will be listed as Reserve. If the product is sourced in, it will be listed as USDA.

Light Hill Meats is a farm-to-table experience and in the middle of the chain is our processing facility located in Lynnville, Tennessee. Here, we offer custom processing services for the community's farmers, as well as butchering our own beef for the store and beyond. If you are a farmer looking to book an appointment, click here

Locations - Spring Hill & Lynnville, Tennessee

150 Stephen P Yokich Parkway Suites E & F, Spring Hill, TN 37174

Monday-Friday: 10-5:30
Saturday: 10-3:00
Sunday: Closed

Phone: 931-488-4631

Email: info@lighthillmeats.com

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Processing Facility (to book an appointment)

Phone: 931-527-3198

Address: 3851 Cornersville Rd, Lynnville, TN 38472

Hours: Monday-Friday from 7-4

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