Custom Butchery

Light Hill Meats, LLC is a family-owned, USDA-inspected processing facility and a whole-animal butcher in historic Lynnville, TN. We take pride in our high standards for humane animal handling and the quality of our meat processing.

As farmers ourselves, we know firsthand the hard work our customers put into raising their animals. We consider it a privilege to continue that work with the highest quality local harvest and processing possible.

We process (custom and USDA-inspected):

- Beef cattle

- Dairy Cattle

- Hogs

- Sheep

- Goats

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Custom vs usda

Custom processing is only for meat that you wish to eat at home and is not for sale. USDA-inspected processing is for resale. You cannot do custom processing and sell to others. The cut forms are available below. You can select your cuts or have us help guide you through what would be a possible harvest.


aging options

Aging a carcass has pros and cons. Dry aging can increase tenderness and flavor but also decreases yield due to drip loss and increased trimming.

Aging beef is strictly a personal preference. The standard hang time on the rail at Light Hill between 10 and 14 days where most of tenderness benefits have been achieved but we also offer services for those that prefer the flavor from a longer hang time.

Keep in mind, we believe not all beef carcasses should be dry aged. The carcass should have enough cover fat to protect the meat from over drying and yield loss. We will be happy to discuss with you if we believe your animal should age outside our standard or not but the final choice is always yours.


how to bring in your animal for processing

We process by appointment only. Please call or email us to schedule your animal. We generally are booked two to three weeks out, and possibly longer during the winter months. Please plan accordingly so we can work with you!

You may bring your animal in the evening before your scheduled slaughter day or by 8:00 AM the day of, unless special arrangements are made.

While your animal is aging the proper amount of time we'll need some instructions from you on the preferred processing. See the links for our cut sheets for you to fill out and send to us (below). If you have any comments or questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call. A Light Hill representative will be happy to walk with you through your cutting instructions to best suit your needs.

You will be called when your animal is ready to be picked-up. We will help transfer from our totes to the containers you bring and can offer boxing your meat for you at an additional fee.

Then, be safe going home and enjoy!



USDA kill fee for for all species is $55 and 85 cents per pound hanging weight. Custom kill fee for all species is $45 and 70 cents per pound hanging weight. We age the beef a minimum of 14 days. After the beef is ready, we will call you to come pick up your meat.
Sheep: $90 minimum
Pigs: $125 minimum (under 100 lbs), + seasoning cost


cut forms and instructions

Click on the links below to download the forms

- Beef

- Pork

- Lamb

Want to book at appointment? Have questions? Let us know !

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Historic Lynnville, TN

Light Hill Meats Custom Butchery is located just a few miles off of I-65 South at exit 27.